Come for software, stay for the Community !!!

I have been working on Drupal for more than 6 years now, started my career with it, and ultimately fell in love with the piece of software which is serving millions of websites over web. Have been using and contributing to the community of the Drupal since I started, and must say, this is one of the best opensource community I have been a part of.

Drupal Camp Delhi - #drupacampdelhi

Last week attended Delhi drupal camp  along with Sushant ( @sushantpaste ) and Tanmay ( @itanmay01 ). Was an 2 day event (Nov 9 - 10) with some good drupal sessions  (around 26) followed by code sprint.  The venue was JNU, Delhi. (Jawaharlal Nehru University), which was surely the best choice for such a huge event.

Around 400 attendeed came across from different parts of India.

Why its Hard to be an Entrepreneur in India !!

 Image Source : Art - Follow your dreams by Banksy
By now all of my friends are either getting married or pregnant, few of them have shifted to their new home, and few lucky ones are been promoted as Dad or Mom too. And I am sitting in front of my laptop, on this beautiful Sunday eve to write up my thoughts on, 'Why its HARD to be an Entrepreneur in India'. Here it goes,

Goals of my life !!!

                                             So this is surely something which you would not expect from me, but yes I am gonna do it. I am going to publish my list of goals which I want to fulfill in this Amazing life. You may ask me, why to publish it, my only reason is that I want to take this opportunity to make you think about your life goals, understand the importance of the having goals in life, which will motivate you to think, to become more and more better and ultimately make you master of what you are best at, but it will happen only if you keep chasing your goals.

100 Questions, 100 Answers !!!

Just got to know from my mentor Kurund ( about the 100 questions page, and thought of sparing some time to answer those. May be doing so, I would get some answers to my own questions :)  


1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4.

- The Assumption behind this book was simple - (The five secrets you must discover, before you die )


Money Can Buy Happiness !!

Recently I received an email from my best buddy, who wrote an article about how “Money can't buy happiness“. I enjoyed reading the same for few mins until, I realized that I actually don’t agree with this fully.  Means, I absolutely believe that money is not everything but money can do lots of other things which can actually make you think that money can buy happiness... if spent correctly.

Restrict drupal user registration to specific email domain.

There are many modules  for allowing user to register and login by email address. One of those is Email registration.
But what when you want to allow or restrict the email registration by specific domain ?
A easy workaround without depending on any contributed module is by using  " Access Rules "

 Add the following e-mail rules:

My first Andriod application talking with my Drupal website !!!!

Few days back I spent some of my weekends learning Andriod application developement. Wanted to develope a small application which will talk with my Drupal Website, authenticate the user and pull data of the nodes. After going throught some of the posts from Titanium Group  and some R&D on web, I started with the developement.