Mumbai CiviCRM Meet up - July 2010

Were you thinking of attending the Mumbai CiviCRM Meet up  - July 2010  last Thursday in India  or wondering what exactly is shared, discussed, explained, who attended ?…

Here's a glimpse of the meeting and few interesting points discussed and shared.
The venue was Webaccess Global Office

The meeting was attended by approximately 20 people. Including folks from venus labs, some  people who have decided to use CiviCRM and people who use or develop it everyday and had specific questions.
The meet started with greet and some snacks. After short introductions, lobo initiated the meet with a brief overview of CiviCRM and giving some statistics of CiviCRM usage, translation status. After that Kurund explained the key features added / Modified in  v3.2. You can see the presentation slides at  -

We also had folks joining us from pune who were part of NGO called Maher, looking to start using CiviCRM and interested to know about how the CiviCRM will meet thier organization requirement.  

Kurund  then explained the flow of all the civi components.

  Also folks from Hyderabad presented their work on the Drupal module they have developed using civicrm hooks called  Coupons. The module is intended to allow creation of the  different coupon codes in admin section and which can be redeemed for event registrations and donations in CiviCRM pages, and you can also get a usage report of the coupons redeemed. Module also have settings to restrict coupons based on user roles. Folks said that the module is still in development phase but will soon be a part of drupal contributes module.