Setting Custom Options to ReCaptcha in CiviCRM Profiles

Today I was just going through the ISSUE TRACKER of my Beloved Project CiviCRM , and came acrossCRM-7772.

Found it a  bit interesting, and tried to give it a try. I love to get my hands on Civi Code in my free time. And I was successfull. Below is the code to set the custom options to the recaptcha wIthout any changes to civicrm database by adding small code  in just 4 files. A bit hack. :)


After you have done this, you can go to civicrm/admin/setting/misc?reset=1 , here you can specify your custom options comma seperated.

And you are done :) 
By the above options ( theme will be blackglass, and the language will be french ), you recaptcha form will look like this.

You can check the available options for recaptcha here.