My first Andriod application talking with my Drupal website !!!!

Few days back I spent some of my weekends learning Andriod application developement. Wanted to develope a small application which will talk with my Drupal Website, authenticate the user and pull data of the nodes. After going throught some of the posts from Titanium Group  and some R&D on web, I started with the developement.

There are many Opensource Platforms available for Andriod application development. Some of those are listed here. I decided to start with Appcelerator Titanium Development Platform.

Downloaded the Titanium, Installed Andriod SDK, And started with the Hello world Program.

Now my requirement was to talk with my drupal website. So for that  in my drupal website  installed theservices module. and decided to expose the website data through the Webservices via XMLRPC. Even JSONis also another option.

Shortly  I will update the blog post with my Code. Currently it needs some cleanup. :)

BTW, below is the output of my Application :