Why its Hard to be an Entrepreneur in India !!

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By now all of my friends are either getting married or pregnant, few of them have shifted to their new home, and few lucky ones are been promoted as Dad or Mom too. And I am sitting in front of my laptop, on this beautiful Sunday eve to write up my thoughts on, 'Why its HARD to be an Entrepreneur in India'. Here it goes,
IMO huge number of talents in India go unnoticed or unused because of few 'default problems' in India when it comes to quitting Job and start something  which you really want to do. You can even start something along with your regular 8 hours job too, but still in India the 'Job oriented' mentality and 'Safe side play' thoughts have kept many dreams on backstage. Very less percentage of parents support or encourage their children to chose their own career or decision to quit job and try something new. Well, I am surely bestowed with such parents, and I am proud of it.
Getting Settled : 
One of those default problem is the feeling of getting settled as early as possible.
The meaning of getting settled in India is : 1. Booking your Own flat.  and 2. Get married.
One of those many annoying questions I get asked from my friends, relatives, family friends (mostly) is, 'Room Kuthe book keli ?' ["Where have you booked your flat?""] , and as usual I give a smile and say, 'Nahi aajun' ["Not yet"]
Many of us (we Indian boys and girls), want to have an positive answer ready for above question  by our early age, which is 27 on an average. When you have passed from you Education courses and have worked with your existing company for around 2 years and eligible for an home loan. And once you opt for Home loan, only 1-2 out of 100 aspirants will be ready to quit their job and start their own business or start-up.
Responsibilities and Priorities and Relations :
Personally I have also gone through this problem, when I was not able to decide about my responsibilities and priorities. All of us have those of course, but when you are an Indian, most of the times your responsibilities and priorities are decided by your family or relatives or your other relations, those are like bombarded on you, and you cant think of nurturing your dream anymore. Few are lucky to manage both, but not all. Your family wants you to stick to your decent paying job, sometimes your girlfriend/boyfriend wants you to hold her/his hand and say 'I do' very soon. All of them want your special time. Very few family members understand your priorities and encourage you to chase them.
Above are the two main hurdles you need to pass, and then when you do those the next hurdles are :
Lack of Proper Mentor-ships  or Venture help :
Few new business ideas can workout with few $$$ of funding, which you can raise from your savings or by family help. But for big business where there is need to huge investments, many of us step behind with  the thought of those bills and invoices. Though there are many ways to pass this hurdle also, by means of getting in touch with proper venture capitalist investors, but because of lack of proper mentor-ships resources many of them have been away from this all. With time today I see a lot of change as compared to what was it 6-8 years ago. But still few young minds (old too), who are in remote areas are not aware of all this, and their simple business ideas which could change a lot in world are left aside and unheard. 
With technology growing at 200% every year, where you can present your ideas in front of whole world in few clicks, and you are provided with such a huge platform, its really possible for anyone to stand by their idea, thought if they are provided with proper guidance and resources. The only problem is to get rid of the above two hurdles or I would say actually get rid of the mentality problem. 
Its okay if you get married a year late, but at-least don't kill your dreams, for which you would regret later whole life. Its okay if you spend few more years in an Rented Room/apartment, while you keep chasing your goals. You don't need to be an IIT or IIM pass-out to be an entrepreneur.
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